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Mentoring Program Ralls ISD

Motto: “Accept me as I am, so I may learn what I can become.”

OUR MISSION: To dedicate time and resources to provide youth with the support and assets that will help them develop into productive, responsible, and successful citizens focusing on consistent, long-term, well-supervised relationships that can yield a wide range of tangible benefits for the community.

What is Mentoring?

In his book, Mentoring (published by Broadman & Holman Publishers), Bob Biehl states, “Mentoring is a lifelong relationship, in which a mentor helps the protégé reach her or his God-given potential.” There are many different ways to build leaders. The key is building the right kind of leader. The most effective way to build quality leaders who reach their fullest potential is through mentoring relationships. A mentor is a brain to pick and a shoulder to cry on. “A mentor applauds us when we run, consoles us when we fall, and cheers us on when we recover.” – Edmond Burke

Ralls ISD is into its tenth year of a youth mentoring program. The mentoring staff currently operates a school-based mentoring program at the elementary, middle school and high school for Pre-K through 9th. The elementary mentoring program utilizes high school students as mentors, and the middle school mentoring utilizes adult community members. The freshmen mentoring program is in its fifth year and utilizes high school seniors as mentors. Such programs provided individual services last year for approximately 130 students.

Another facet of the program includes an after-school small group mentoring program located at a community-based building with a ratio of one adult mentor to a small group of four to six students. The small group mentoring program served 120 students last year, and offered a large array of educational classes taught by approximately 35 volunteers.

This year we are adding to the services given at the EDGE with an after school care program. This program is a service for working parent that need a place for their children to stay until they get off work. It will provide a safe and fun place for children to have a snack and get some homework done.


Continuing success at the EDGE 

After School classes-After school enrichment classes will be offered to any student 4th -8th grade that has signed up and would like to take classes.  These classes will range from craft and cooking classes to biking and archery with many other things to choose from as well.

One on One mentoring- one on one mentoring at the elementary and middle school is a great way to develop relationships that will hopefully last a life time while giving much needed support to your younger generation. 

BLAST- a basketball ball handling and program that will teach our next generation of Jackrabbits and Lady Rabbits some much needed fundamentals. (For grades 1st – 6th)

Chess Club- Chess is not just a game it is a skill. Some educators believe that playing chess can improve reading and math skills as well as social skills. We hope to prove this theory while having fun and learning good sportsmanship. (For grades 3rd- 12th)

After school care- We are proud to say that we are in our second year of after school care and it is going great.  This service is for working parents that need a place for their children to stay after school until they get off work.  We feed them a healthy snack, and for a small fee help them with homework and giving them a place to relax after a long day at school.  At the same time the money made helps the EDGE continue to run.